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~ Assistant Professor of English ~



Phone: 549-2383
Office: Psychology 164

Courses Taught

Advanced Composition, Grammar, and Rhetoric

Composition II
English Syntax and Usage
Gender and Communication
History of the English Language
Introduction to Comparative Linguistics
Language, Thought and Culture
Language in the USA

Traditional Grammar Theory

Recent Creative Activity

Thriller Driller© is a software application that facilitates the production of online, interactive drills. Similar to the quiz production tools in course delivery software, Thriller Driller provides an interface between the teacher and the html and javascript needed to run a drill online. The teacher enters English into text boxes in Thriller Driller and then Thriller Driller writes the html and javascript for running the drill online. The drills are constructed in such a way that students can ask for a hint before answering a question and can check their answers immediately after each question.

Unlike quizzes produced with course delivery software, which are platform-dependent, the drills produced with Thriller Driller are portable. You don't need course delivery software to make them work.



Fields of Expertise

Linguistics (especially Phonology), Teaching English as a Second Language



BA, University of Idaho, 1977; MA, University of Idaho, l979; MA, University of Minnesota, l987; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1996.

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