Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Ph.D. University of Wyoming (organic chemistry)
MS East Texas State University (chemistry)
BS East Texas State University (mathematics)

Office: Chemistry 209
Office Hours: Mon & Wed from 9 - 11am and 1:30 - 2pm
Study Sessions: Tues from 3:30 - 5pm and Wed from 5 - 7pm
Phone: (719) 549-2678
Lab: (719) 549-2277


Currently Teaching:

  • CHEM 301 Organic chemistry
  • CHEM 301L Organic chemistry Lab
  • CHEM 401 Advanced organic chemistry
  • CHEM 501 Advanced organic chemistry

Previously Taught:

  • CHEM 302 Organic chemistry
  • CHEM 302L Organic chemistry Lab

Research Interests

Atmospheric carbon dioxide remediation; renewable fuels; organic synthesis; green chemistry; chemical education; computational chemistry; photochemistry; organosulfur chemistry

Other Activities

Chem Club